Sunday, August 21, 2011

What A Reader Wants And Updates

First off, I'd like to apologize for being late on all of my comments and unhelpful and for the short post.  I've been moving for the past two days, and things are a bit...hectic at the moment.  No one is really settled and everyone is agitated and I've been pretty much useless in doing anything.  So I apologize again for acting like I'm ignoring all of you.

Second, I have a question to ask you, my awesome friends and readers.  What're you looking to read at the moment?  What've you been craving lately?  A mystery?  A thriller?  A quiet romance?  Anything that deviates from your general preferences?

There is a purpose to these questions, I swear.  All will be revealed with time.

I've currently been reading nonfiction, which is weird for me because I love fiction.  It's called Before The Pyramids, and it's all about ancient astronomers and how the henges in Thornborough are highly sophisticated astronomical tools that align perfectly with Orion's Belt and point toward another henge that represents Sirius.  It sounds a bit hooky, but it's well-written and the evidence they present is fairly strong, if unorthodox.  I'm not that far into it at the moment, but once things are settled, I hope to get back into it.  I'm really enjoying it.

I've also been writing my untitled WIP, and I hope to give you all a sneak peak of it very soon.  Hopefully it'll be something you'll like to read on a rainy, gray day of summer.  Or winter.  Or any day, hopefully.  And be tough on me when you read it.  I need a good critiquing so I can be at my best.  And I want to start practicing my query letter too, so I'll be asking for your help on that as well.  I know I'm nowhere near that stage of the process yet, but you can never start too early, and it'll be good for me to start getting used to the art of querying so I'm not a newbie making newbie mistakes later on.

Finally, I just want to remind you that Michelle Fayard of Bird's-eye View is dropping by on the 23rd to talk about her journey writing her novel, and I hope you'll enjoy her interview.  I know I did!


  1. Hope things settle down for you soon.

    As to reading, I'm reading all sorts of things. The other day, I seemed to be reading crime/thriller novels, but I've read some literary and chick lit too.

    I'll try and remember to stop in to read about Michelle.

  2. I'm going to try an Egypt sci-fi novel once I get done with Amber Argyle's Witch Song. Hope things smooth out for your hectic life soon :). Wishing you the best.

  3. Hi Joy, thanks for stopping by. I hope things settle soon too. A crime/thriller chick lit novel would be amazingly epic.

    And hi Michael! And Egypt sci-fi novel sounds pretty awesome to be reading, as does Amber Argyle's Witch Song. I wish you the best as well. (:

  4. I've been wanting another good YA contemporary romance. Paranormals are huge now, but I like real every once and a while. I'm reading something now that fits the bill, I think.

    Good luck with the move!

  5. Hope your move has gone well! I'm sure things well settle down soon :)

    I've also been a bit slack with things over the last ten days or so :( it's been the worst week ever...don't ask!! But hopefully we'll both have more time to get back in the swing of things from now on! :)

    As for reading...I always have a hankering for a good old crime/thriller story, but recently I've had an urge to read something more towards a sci-fi, like Terry Pratchett kinda style. Or something historical, not like your average historical fiction, but older, like about Vikings or Romans or Ancient Egyptians or something like that. Weird choices, I know! I'm just trying to 'broaden my horizons', so I'm up for anything really!

    Good luck with your WIP, cant wait :)

  6. I'm always looking for romance! Bring on the love!
    Good luck with the moving. I hope things settle down for you soon.

  7. I don't know what I'm in the mood to read these days... I've sort of been in a reading slump (though the slump primarily exists off-line).

    Good luck settling into your new place! Still in Manhattan?

  8. Good luck with your move!

    I'm not really craving anything that's different from what I usually read--mostly Science Fiction and Fantasy.

  9. Oh wow, lots of comments!

    Hi Kelley! What book are you reading that fits the bill? And the move is going okay now. Things have settled down to an almost routine.

    Between The Lines, I feel you. Fairly aggravating week here too. I love Terry Pratchett; his writing is phenomenal and his characters hilarious. If you're looking for Viking historicals, Bernard Cornwell has some books you might like. He's a bit coarse though, as a warning. And thank you! I can't wait either!

    Hey, Emily. I've been hankering a romance as well. Can't wait for some of the new releases I've been teased with. And thanks. (:

    Katie, slumps are no fun. I hate when that happens. And nope, not in Manhattan any longer. Am in Pennsylvania, if you can believe that. Traded one apartment for another, just hours away now.

    Hi The Golden Eagle! Thanks! Science Fiction and Fantasy are always good. Have you read C. J. Cherryh? She is probably my favorite fantasy writer at the moment.

  10. Hope your move went smoothly, I am moving in November as well - definitely not looking forward to it.

    Since I have spent the last three months with my nose inside of a Chemistry Text, I am in the mood for something light and refreshing. Short too (since school starts back up in a few weeks).

    Maybe something about love? :)

  11. Having moved six times since I've been married, I feel for you, Marlena! I hope the cardboard boxes are being good to you.

    I just finished reading the ARC for Sheila Dalton's new psychological mystery The Girl in the Box, so now I'm hungry for another one. :) The inner workings of the human mind fascinate me. Before The Pyramids sounds very fascinating as well; I think my husband would also enjoy reading it, as his major was Roman and ancient history.

    I can't wait to learn more about your WIP. Any hints, she asks hopefully?

    I'm looking very forward to doing my first author interview on your blog tomorrow; thanks again so much, Marlena!

  12. Hi Lev, Michelle!

    Lev: Chemistry, boo! Just hearing about it is enough to start flashbacks for me. And I hope the move goes smoothly for you. They are definitely not fun at all.

    And I could be terrible and direct you to my 'buy' page, but I will be a good person and suggest nearly anything by Barbara Michaels. She can weave together a ghost story and romance like magic. She's one of my favorite authors out there. (:

    Michelle: Six times? I couldn't ever do that. The boxes are tired but holding up, much like myself. And I saw The Girl in the Box on your blog and I want to read it so badly! Before The Pyramids *is* very interesting, and I would totally recommend it to your husband if he's interested.

    WIP hint? Hmmm...What do you say to a nineteen year-old girl running away to North Caroline and learning about love, loss, and growing up?

    And no problem! I love having you here.

  13. I definitely understand the moving blahs! It gets better eventually... I've been told.

    I'm in the mood for romance with a side of comedy lately. Chick lit, while not so popular anymore, is right along the lines of what I want.

  14. Thanks, Danielle. Things have settled down a bit there, thankfully.

    Chick lit would be nice right now, honestly. I wouldn't mind losing myself in a good romance.


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