Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday Night Special #3 - Life After Boba Fett

What's this?  Star Wars in my Saturday Night Special?  What kind of apocalypse is this?  All will be explained, young padawan.  Explained all will be. 

Title: Life After Boba Fett
Length: 540 words
Rating: PG for broken hearts
History: There's a funny story behind this one.  I once dated a guy who really liked Boba Fett.  And when I say liked, I mean worshiped.  This guy worshiped Boba Fett so badly that he had the Mandalorian symbol tattooed on his chest.  (Which is why I now don't date anyone who has a tattoo anywhere, never mind a Star Wars one.)  Anyway, we didn't work out that well together and it was a very bad breakup that wrecked me for a bit because I'm one of those people who think everything's my fault and he took advantage of that.  This was my attempt at sorting through my emotions and trying to get things back on track.  It's also unedited by my editing partner in crime because I'm fairly certain Other is tired of Boba Fett hanging around.


 Life After Boba Fett

    Boba Fett comes and goes and where he’ll stop only she knows, she and all the other broken hearts he’s left behind.  She lies in bed and waits and waits and hates the fact she’s become one of those women who waste away once he leaves, once he decides he won’t come back, but she doesn’t know how to fix it.  She lies in bed and stares at the ceiling and thinks about how things had been, how things could have been, and how things are now that he’s gone off to do who knows what with who knows who.

    Life after Boba Fett is difficult and rough, and she’s not sure if she’s going to make it.  Part of her realizes she’s being melodramatic, realizes that give it a week or two or some predetermined time of grief and sadness and she’ll be fine or as fine as she can be after Boba Fett has crashed her life into dust.  But right now she doesn’t want to be fine.  She wants to be hysterical and insane, to run after him and demand that she be treated with respect and the way she should be treated, but that’d be silly and unproductive.  Tactics like that had never worked when they had been together, why would they work now?

    There’s something wrong with Boba Fett, and by herself in her bed, she can recognize this without his touch affecting her thoughts.  There’s a problem deep in his mind that makes him the way he is, and that’s probably why he wines and dines and then leaves without paying the bill.  She can almost feel sorry for him, but feels worse for herself.  Who’s really the idiot here?  The one with the problem, or the one who stayed long enough to develop feelings for him?  She should have known.  She should have known.  She should have known from the way he hid his face and carried the burden of the dead around with him that there was something wrong.  She should have known.

    She still sees him twice a week, and those moments are bittersweet and rancid, like an apple that’s too sweet to eat.  He walks with pain evident on every portion of his body, but she keeps hers tucked away for those infinite moments when the night is too long and silence too still and all that can break it are crystal tears of misery beading on her pillow.  But she has survived worse and she will survive this.

    Gradually, life after Boba Fett is easier.  She no longer looks for him in the corners of her room, no longer holds his face to the light in her memory.  The pain slowly leaks away and is replaced with a quiet normalcy that isn’t quite like what it was but it’s what she’ll take.  And that’s when Boba Fett decides he wants back in.

    She always makes the wrong decision when it comes to life, but right now she bars the door and lets him knock while she tries to right all the little wrongs that are still wrong.  The knocks will stop she knows.  They always do.  Boba Fett doesn’t stay in one place for very long.



  1. Marlena, I now find myself looking forward to the weekend for an entirely new reason--the next installment of SNL!

  2. that she feels worse for herself appears to be her salvation. nice.

  3. Aw, thank you Michelle! I hope you're looking forward to the 23rd as well. (;

    And thanks for stopping by, Ed. I'm glad you took the time to comment.

  4. Ok, I'll admit it. I have no idea who Boba Fett is. If it has something to do with Star Wars, that may explain it, as I've never seen it. I feel like I've missed out on something in life...*blush*

    Nevertheless, the background to why you wrote this is very amusing! I think I get the idea of the kind of obsession this was, even if I don't know who it's going on about! But I've enjoyed this just as much as all the others, as this has a wonderful rhythm and flow to it. The repetition is great, and I could go on for hours about all the effects the repetition has, and all the possible reasons you could (but probably didn't) have had for including it. I am at a huge risk of getting carried away talking about how much I enjoyed this, so I'll leave you in peace and try to contain my excitement for your next SNS installment!

  5. Yes, Boba Fett is from Star Wars, but you're not missing out on much, honestly. We won't hold it against you. (:

    The obsession was...interesting. There are other stories I will share in other posts that will have you snickering over the keyboard.

    And thank you for even more compliments! I'm drowning in them! Day is infinitely better now because of you. And it was a bad day to begin with. (;

  6. I had one of these not too long ago - why can I always relate directly to the things that you are writing about.

    Although I did not date someone who worshiped a star wars character, their problem was similar along those lines.

    I too was the idiot - the one that stayed too long and developed feelings. Ignored the warning signs, and tried to mask emotions. For years.

    Although, you are right. He never stays in once place too long.

  7. Hi Lev. I'm sorry you got stuck with one of them too. It's really not a good experience to have under your belt, no matter what anyone says. Recovering is one of those never-ending processes that haunt you when you least expect it.


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