Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saturday Night Special #2 - Candied Ginger

It's that time again!  And dim the lights because it's time to get...sensual.  Let the succulent tones of Barry White lull you into the mood.

And before you get too...comfortable...the hint for next week is in the About Marlena Cassidy section. 

Title: Candied Ginger
Length: 238 words
Rating: TV-MA for sexual situations
History: This is my entry for Lev's August Heatwave Flash Fiction contest, which is why it's so short.  Entries are accepted until the fifteenth, so if you have any things written that are under 300 words, enter them!  This short was inspired by the weeks long heatwave that hit a little while ago.  It seemed like a good way to take my mind off the fact I was slowly melting into a puddle of goo.


Candied Ginger
The heatwave stretches on, turning weeds to golden brown and sun kissed decks into faded glories.  The heatwave stretches on, and they lie in bed with their clothes all gone, spread out in sweaty skin and rumpled sheets, the distant hum of the air conditioning reverberating through their bones.  Inside this little oasis of cool, manufactured air, they are safe from the heat rising off the ground in a million little shivers, mirages of reflecting pools dotting the melting asphalt like sunny puddles after a long, hard rain.  The heatwave won’t touch them in here.

But it does in lots of little ways, tanned skin and bathing suit lines suddenly becoming something magnificent and sultry, something to be touched and revered and loved and worshipped, and her skin tastes of cinnamon and vanilla depending on where he puts his mouth.  The swell of her breasts are mix of three, of vanilla and cinnamon and if he wants to be trite, maybe a cherry, but it's really not that.  Maybe it's chocolate or a piece of candied ginger that he tastes.  Yes, that's it.  Candied ginger.  He enjoys it as it melts over his tongue, spicy and sweet.  

Inside, the heatwave roils between them, hungry and insistent.  Outside, the sun hangs swollen on the horizon and another day of the heatwave ends for the rest of the world.  For them though, it’s just beginning.



  1. I would love to have your gift for descriptive and evocative imagery, Marlena. The way you paint pictures with your writing is simply beautiful and will cause the ink in editors' red pens to dry up from lack of use. Wishing you a great weekend!

  2. I'm so saving this comment and using it against my future editor when he/she wants me to change a passage. Thank you so much for your kind words, Michelle, and I hope you have an awesome weekend as well!

  3. ...Michelle summed it up ;)

    Is that a keyboard under your fingers, or a paintbrush clutched in your grasp?

    Well done, Marlena!


  4. Ah, thank you Elliot! I'd like to think it's both in a way. (: Thank you again!

  5. Really like this flash, Marlena. You've shown and made me feel the heat outside and the heat and passion between the two inside. Oh yeah, and the tasty stuff? Sweet!

  6. Thanks you Joy! I really enjoyed writing the taste imagery for some reason, and I'm glad you enjoyed reading it. (:

  7. Well done! So evocative. Your format for the Saturday Night Specials -- with the length, rating, etc. up top -- is very smart, BTW. I kinda like knowing what I'm getting into and how long I'll be there.

  8. Thank you again, Katie! I figured since I have readers who maintain a strict blogging schedule and also have lives outside of the Internet, I should let people know how much time they might need to set aside to read. And if what's coming next is something they want to actually read or not.

  9. You have a way of creating such beautiful and vivid images, Marlena. I love the way you use many senses in your descriptions, which make it easy to visualise exactly the stickiness of the heatwave (and the other activities!) and the emotions of the people. As I live in the UK and haven't been through this heatwave that I've heard you're all experiencing, it's great that I can read about what it must be like in such a clear, descriptive way.

    Oh, and I voted! Good luck! :)

  10. Thank you for voting! And thanks for more of the awesome compliments! You're going to make my ego so inflated I'll fly off and never be seen again. (:


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