Monday, July 18, 2011

Short Chapters

So I've learned something new and useful.  Everyone who commented on the previous post said they preferred shorter chapters as opposed to longer ones, which leads me to believe that shorter chapters are in fact better.  The reason why this is useful is because I'm working on a new novel while I cry over Kitty Malone, and I've been writing shorter chapters than I normally do.  Chapter 1, including the Prologue, is about nine pages, and the second chapter so far is around ten or so pages.  Ten pages is probably a little too small for a good chapter length, so I'll probably add some more to it.  It's mostly just an introduction chapter.

This is opposed to Kitty Malone, which runs about 25 pages are so per short story.  If put together as a novel, which it could and I might, the three stories would make about 85 pages.

We'll see how the new novel progresses.


  1. That sounds like a good length :) for me, anything up to about fifteen pages for a chapter is perfect!

  2. Awesome! Thank you for the comment. (:

  3. My chapters are three to five pages. Nine would be like amazing for me.

  4. I always panic when a chapter wants to end at five pages. I'm also a short story writer, so I'm not totally used to smaller page numbers for breaks. Feels unnatural.


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