Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Reading List

Or also known as what I'm buying with my giftcard.

Wings of the Falcon - Barbara Michaels
Black Rainbow - Barbara Michaels
The Prairie Grass Murders - Patricia Stoltey

I wish my friends would remember to give me 25 dollar giftcards so I could avoid the 12 dollars worth of shipping and handling that suck out all the money from the card and make it impossible for me to buy every book that I want.

But once the two Barbara Michaels books come in, I will have finally completed my quest to own all of the mystery/horror books she's written under that pen name.  Stalkerish much?  I like to call it being a good fan.

This quest has taken about five years and numerous trips to used bookstores to complete, and in honor of doing so, I will eventually post a photo of my collection here so you can gaze upon its beauty and wonder what's wrong with me.  Her books take up an entire bottom shelf of my bookcase, and I've read them all.  I could write odes to how much I love her writing.

As for Patricia Stoltey's book, well, I wanted to read it for myself after hearing about it so much on her blog.  There are a few other books/memoirs that I've read about on other blogs that I'm planning on buying, so no one feel left out!  I will support all of you!  Eventually!  When I get another giftcard!  Pester my friends and family so that they will send more and more money!


  1. Stalkerish? No way, just a very loyal fan who enjoys being able to return to great books when the mood hits. As WiDo Publishing says, “Books make the best furniture.”

    I’ve left a comment for you at I hope you don’t mind my telling you here, but I didn’t know how else to do so. :)


  2. Books are amazing furniture. They go with everything.

    And thank you for letting me know you left a comment. I appreciate it. (:

  3. Hi Marlena!

    Congratulations! You just won Wendy S Marcus's WHEN ONE NIGHT ISN'T ENOUGH at Ann Best's blog! Wow! you're in for a great read because I just read the review and rating RT Book Reviews gave it! A staggering 4 stars!

  4. If you want to read the review before reading the book, here is the link:

    And do visit the author page at:

  5. I think I just fell out of my chair in shock. Thank you so much for letting me know, Nas! And I will totally check out everything you just showed me.


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