Monday, July 4, 2011

Guess What?

Happy Fourth of July everyone!  And to all my non-American readers, Happy Innocuous Fourth of July That's Not A Holiday But A Totally Normal Day!

I'll try to take some pictures of the fireworks tonight if I can make my camera work properly.  Then I can use them as cover pages when I run out of public domain pictures to steal.

I wanted to write a beautifully inspiring post about independence and what it means, but I'm not serious enough for that and the dogs are bothering me anyway for pets, and that makes it difficult to concentrate.

I guess I'll just say that as a writer, I value the independence of self-publishing and that we shouldn't knock it or think any of less of writers who use it.  I know it's easy to look at self-publishing as a selfish thing, as a thing for writers who are too greedy to find an agent and an editor or who aren't good enough to interest a publishing company, but it's really not that.  Publishing is notoriously difficult to get into if you know no one in the business and you have no prior experience being published, and so self-publishing is really a good gateway into the business.  It can get you noticed, get your voice out there, and it's a great feeling when you see your work out there being read.  It really helps.

So don't lose hope if you think that publishing companies won't be interested in your work.  There's always self-publishing, and in the long run, it might work out better for you.

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