Monday, June 20, 2011

Drama? Drama drama drama!

It's kind of funny how we work so tirelessly hard to squash any uprisings of drama in our lives (unless you're a teenage girl; then you live and breathe for it) but we love it so much in our reading materials.  We secretly love drama I think.  We love it when it happens to our friends, our coworkers, our bosses, and when it happens to people we know absolutely nothing about.  Case in point: The Casey Anthony Trial which I've been watched for the past month or so.  The drama has been getting heavier and heavier day by day now that the defense has the case.  So it's not surprising then that we love drama in our books.

If you look at the New York Times Bestsellers List, there's been a history of drama.  Jackie Collins, for example.  Does anyone remember her?  My dad basically force fed me her book Chances, which is all about the Santangelo crime family and fourteen year old prostitutes in Harlem, once he found out I was serious about being a published author.  He said I could learn from her.  All I've learned is that I really don't like reading about fourteen year old prostitutes in Harlem and street tough crime families with bratty but beautiful daughters.  Am I broken?  I think it's just my drama meter petering out.  I can take but so much.

But Chances was a bestseller and Jackie Collins is still popular today.  I found one of her books in the grocery store: Poor Little Bitch Girl.  She's obviously doing something right, even if her subject matter is a bit...lowbrow.

It's the drama.  There's something addictive about reading drama that makes us want to set our teeth into it and chew on it until everything wraps up nicely with a bow on top.  Drama makes the world go 'round.

Romance novels are the same way.  Virginia Henley's A Year and a Day is full of dramatic tension between her heroine and the hero.  (It's a historical romance set in Scotland.  Scotland is very popular in romance novels, I don't know why.  Show Ireland some love.)  There's always some sort of problem arising: She doesn't want to marry him, he doesn't know if he can love her, there's a third woman who wants him, everyone is fighting, there's a war going on, oh no she's betrothed to someone else now, etc etc.  See what I mean?  If things moved along nicely, he loves her, she loves him, they have steamy sex out in the forest, the end, we would be bored.  And there's the problem I have.

I need more drama.  So expect some drama in the latest installment of Kitty Malone!  Will I survive it?  Probably not.  My aversion to drama is fairly great.  I avoid it like the plague.  Too much drama from my school years and such.

In other news, it's nice to be able to take a shower without a small poodle staring up at me as if to say, "I find you inadequate."   It's also nice to know that there are now bananas to eat.  I love bananas, which is ironic since I'm a romance author.  There's a joke in there somewhere but I won't make it.  That's up to you.

Poor Kitty Malone is so alone right now.  I hit writer's block again last night, somewhere in a sentence where I was trying to compare Magdalena to a phoenix, and it just didn't work out right at all.  While I really like the phoenix analogy, I might have to scrap it if it doesn't work out in the end.  It's not worth getting bogged down in analogies if it sacrifices the flow of the narrative.  Maybe I can work it in later, after all the DRAMA.  I smell a drama llama.

I spent most of my night looking at reproductions of flapper dresses, trying to garner some inspiration.  There's so damn pretty.  I would love to buy one to wear it out and about, but they're expensive.  155 dollars for a beaded dress I'd be afraid to wear more than a few times a year at most.  But Kitty Malone totally would.  Oh, I smell a plot line coming up.  Love it.

Magdalena lucked out and got the red dress since she's darker than Kitty and has black hair.  Kitty however is bit more difficult.  She's a redhead and pale, so red is right out for her and so is pink.  I don't want to put her in black or silver because I think those colors are too cold for her.  She wore blue in the last installment, and I don't want to fall back on that again, but blue is a good color for her.  Maybe green would work.  Or purple?  A lavender might be nice, lavender and silver.  Or an amethyst color.  Magdalena has the gold on her dress, so I want to give Kitty something different while still staying true to the 20s fashion.

I'm over thinking this.  You know you're over thinking when you use your blog to color coordinate your character's hair with her dress.  This is called getting bogged down in the details, the useless details.

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